2039 – a short visit to Konstamonitou – 2

Let’s continue our visit to Konstamonitou on September 18th 2018 (see 2038 for post 1). After entering the monastery through the main entrance (Δ), we turned right, to go to the archondariki – guesthouse on the second floor (Z2).

the sign pointing to the archondariki, at the round stairs in the South-East corner

Waiting for the archondaris, together with the three pilgrims from Athens. The helped me asking and translating an important question to the guestmaster: “how can we make a reservation for a night in the monastery”? The monastery does not use email to communicate and calling by phone or faxing usually gives problems. The answer was surprisingly simple: “just come to the monastery, we will always have a place to sleep”! This sounded like the old days on the Holy Mountain, when reservations were not an obligation and you could just simply announce your arrival.

This notice below is important for non-orthodox pilgrims: they are not allowed to attend services in church and the meal in the trapeza. This is such a pity for non-orthodox pilgrims. I hope the monks responsible for this decision once will understand that this not the way to promote orthodoxy to other pilgrims.

The first floor: monks cells (H)
The balcony of the guesthouse (build in 1820)

The katholicon seen from the guesthouse (A) with the bell-tower on the left (A1)

Let’s make a tour around the katholicon:

Direct left after the entrance: the fountain (B1)
The fountain left and the entrance to the exo-narthex and katholicon on the right
The entrance to the katholicon
The church dates from 1867: the Holy Deacon and Protomartyr Stephen (left) and right Agios Isapostulos (Equal-to-the Apostles) Konstantinos the Great, to whom the Katholicon is dedicated (thanks Bertinos)
Two wooden semantrons and a hammer in the corner of the exo-narthex
The North-West corner – the hospital/ wine cellar / bakery
The North-West corner and katholicon, with two stainless steel wine barrels
East wing: the half-broken slope leading to monks cell quarters (H)
Looking at the other direction: the East wing – cells of monks and spirits distillery (H and M3)
The South quarters – the archondariki
The stairs that lead to the guesthouse
The same spot in 1997, 21 years ago (almost nothing has changed)
Leaving the monastery: a cat at the entrance hall – in the background a fountain for fresh water
Cracks in the dome at the entrance, with a painting of dove of the Holy Spirit

We left the monastery, after having asked the right way to go to Docheiariou, following a monopati. We were told that it would be easy to find. This information did not seem to be entirely correct. Next time more about this hike.

The green forrest surrounding Konstamonitou.

Wim Voogd, 27/1/2019

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  1. Bertinos says:

    The saints above the entrance to the Katholikon are, on the left side the Holy Deacon and Protomartyr Stephen, and on the right side Saint Constantine the Great, Equal-to-the-Apostles (ο Άγιος (και) Ισαπόστολος Μέγας Κωνσταντίνος – Heilige Apostelgelijke Konstantijn de Grote), to whom the Katholikon of Konstamonitou is dedicated.

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