2038 – a short visit to Konstamonitou – 1

On the 2018 pilgrimage to Athos our itinerary started at arsanas Konstamonitou. On the boat to Dafni we met mr. Hadrian from Holland, who has been following our weblog for a quit a while, but this was the first time we met, not knowing that we both were visiting Athos on this particular day!

Three pilgrims: your webmaster, Hadrian and Jitze

We got of at arsanas Konstamonitou, together with three pilgrims from Athens. We were lucky that a van was standing on the pier and the driver offered us a ride to the monastery. That saved us half an hour’s walk!

Detail of the Howorth map: from arsanas Konstamonitou to Konstamonitou monastery
Our friends from Athens on the van
Looking back at arsanas Sografou and the ruined tower
Arriving at the monastery: gardens and kellion

When you look the your left at this point you will see this ruined house.

The house in ruins
A detail of the ruined house: two crosses, one standing on the roof – the chapel of Agia Triada and the second build in the wall, together with an triangle, with the Eye of God
a Kellion next to the gardens of the monastery
Outside the monastery: a place to relax and talk with monks (and have a smoke).
the West facade of the monastery
arriving at the monastery
The plan of Konstamonitou (by Mylonas – 2000): at the black arrow is the entrance
The South wall of the monastery: left from the entrance

The South wall of the monastery: right from the entrance, the archondariki – guesthouse
The entrance to Konstamonitou
detail of the wall paitings above the entrance (dating from 1875)
Agios Stephanos holding the church in his hand
going through the entrance of Konstamonitou

Next time more pictures of the courtyard of Konstamonitou.

Wim Voogd, 27-01-19

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