2018 – the German flak position on Athos in WW II?

In the Second World War the Nazi’s invaded Greece and also took position on the peninsula of Athos. We reported about the Nazi occupation many times in this weblog (see f.e. posts  1218 and 1444).

In post 1503 I shared two pictures that I found on the internet of the German flak position that was located on a strategic point on the hills above Prodromou, where you have a wide view over the South and East coast of Athos. Here are these two pictures:The German flak position above ProdromouProdromou (seen from the flak position?)

In addition to these photo’s I bought some more – never published – pictures made by Wehrmacht soldiers in WW II on the internet, that I will show here:View towards Lavra, seen from the flak position? The country site and hills, surrounding the flak position?Th South coast (seen from Akrathos?)dscn6711.jpgHermit’s huts (South coast, near Akrathos?) A kellion near Lavra(Agia Triada “Kyr Isaia”?)Detail of the kellionAn ox passing the katarimi near the flak position?

In totall I bought nine pictures made by Wehrmacht soldiers in the Second World War. Here are two more, made by the same photographer:Arsanas Prodromou Detail of the last picture: I wonder if these buildings are still in situ.Two German soldiers standing on a cliffThe two soldiers in detail, posing for the photo, one holding a reed. Who are these men?

In two weeks I will be visiting the Holy Mountain again and we got a generous offer from father Theodosius of Simonospetras to go on discovery trip aroung the peninsula and we will try to find the flak position as mentioned in this post (and hopefully, many more interesting spots on Athos, like the arsanas of Prodromou!)

I will report the findings to you as soon as possible!

Wim Voogd, 5/9

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1 Response to 2018 – the German flak position on Athos in WW II?

  1. Gabriel Radu says:

    Hi Wim ,
    The position is known by Prodromu skete . You can ask about fr GHERASIM there and ask to show you . Also the arsana is in use . Have to make a trip of 30 min from Prodromu to arsana . But the building is not there now. Will be fine if have some copies of picture with you .

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