2007 – The main square in Karyes

The main square in Karyes is where the bus from Dafni stops, where pilgrims take minibuses to the monasteries, do their shoppings, drink coffee or an Amstel while waiting for the buses. It can be very busy when the buses arrive or leave. But also very quiet when all the pilgrims have left  on their way to the monasteries. This is in 2015.The square in 1918 by Fernan Cuville with the Holy Mountain in the background. Cuville was standing a little higher on the same road that you see on the photo above.Pilgrims leaning on their sticks. The square is also the place where all the distribution of goods and food for the monasteries starts.Behind the shops with the red rooftops is a very tiny patio which has the shape of a triangle, clearly to be seen in the aerial view. With an old vine and wooden balconies its very different compared with the sometimes hectic atmosphere of the square. This is the situation in 2017.

Herman Voogd

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