2006 – Vatopedi, a closer look at the main gate

The main entrance to Vatopedi monastery (Δ on the plan) have been subject in many posts on our weblog. Today we wil take closer look at the gate and I will show you some detailed pictures. This is a plan of the main gate to the monastery:On the picture below you can see that the renovation of the characteristic coloured glass panels in the entry baldachin (Δ1) were conducted in May 2017 .The fountain that is used by pilgrim Jitze is at spot B1 on the plan. The marble fountain dating from 1884. Behind it (B7) is the open cisterne.The baldachin whit the panels where the coloured glass is placed: on the photo below the situation in 2013,Picture of the coloured glass panels from 2013: behind the entrance you can see the tower of Prodromos (E on the plan), with a homonymous chapel in it (k).The dome of the baldachin, with its impressive wall paintings. Bright blue colors dominate the scenes. In the middle of the dome Trinity, with Christ, God the Father and the Holy Gost, a dove in  a shining light, and in between them the moon, sun and stars. They are surrounded by numeral Saints. Above the gate with red and white bricks you can see a painting of the Panaghia with Christ as a child, well protected by a glass case.In the four corners of the dome you see these paintings: Maria (in a brown and blue dress) with the Holy GostApostel Ioseph (in green clothes) writing a text A Saint, also writing a textDetail: a painting in blue and white, almost like Delftware painting on Dutch tiles and pottery. In the fourth corner: an angel The glass panels still in situ in the baldachin.The main gate with its iron doors. Behind it, on the right, the gate keeper in his office (Δ2)Pilgrims have to check in here, to verify their reservations  The gate keepers place seen from the other side, with fine (new) paintings of the Vatopedi monastery on the walls.The aerial view of the monasteryDetail of the gate on the paintingAireal picture of the gate, made by me in May 2017Detail from an old engraving: here you see that the entrance has been moved. On the plan above you can see the former main gate at spot Δa.The second gate with doors, build 1896 (see Γ4 on the plan)Above the second gate: a mosaic of angel Gabriel and the PanaghiaOn the right side of the second entrance : a hidden painting behind glass, difficult to see (attached to the tower of Prodromos).

NB. At Γ1 and Γ2 on the map above used to be the kitchen and bakery (situation 1980). Nowadays these facilities are moved to the East wing, near the trapeza/refectory.

Next time more about the Vatopedi courtyard.

Wim Voogd, 30-6

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4 Responses to 2006 – Vatopedi, a closer look at the main gate

  1. Sean says:

    Some wonderful photographs in there Wim. Thanks.

  2. forrest says:

    Take a closer look to the icon of Panaghia wich is protected by glass (7th image in your post). You will noticed 2 white spots, marks from gunshot fired in 1822.

  3. Bertinos says:

    The “Apostel Ioseph (in green clothes) writing a tekst” is not an Apostle, but a poet (ποιητής) / hymnographer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_the_Hymnographer

    The “saint, also writing a text” is Saint John of Damascus, another great hymnographer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_of_Damascus

    The Angel is the Archangel Gabriel, and the fresco consists of the left part of the Annunciation (“ο Ευαγγελισμός”), which is to be seen “in one piece” on the picture you toke above the second gate.

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