1992 – Flora Graeca: Cyclamen, Oleanders, Ferulas and Euphorbia

The pink flowers of the cyclamen like the shadow of the Mount Athos forests. The image above is from the book early 19th century botanical book Flora Graeca

The oleander is often to be found in or around the monasteries.

The monastery of Konstamonitou and the harbour of Dafni.
The Ferula Nodiflora I saw uphill near Lavra.

The Ferula Nodiflora with green beetles above Lavra.
The Euphorbia Dendroites likes the rocky ground.
In Thebais the plant even grows on the stone wall

But Euphorbia will not only grow on rocky soil even on the Dutch clay it is doing well. This is the small front yard of my home in Haarlem, The Netherlands. So when I look out my window something reminds me of Athos.
For browsing the complete Flora Graeca and the original drawings check this.

Herman Voogd

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4 Responses to 1992 – Flora Graeca: Cyclamen, Oleanders, Ferulas and Euphorbia

  1. Something lovely to brighten up a cold, snowy day in Iowa. (Winter simply refuses to depart this year.) Thanks for posting this, Herman.

  2. gerard koolschijn says:

    Nice item, Herman. Thanks. For me too especially the little cyclamen in Greece is a solace amid the worldwide destruction of nature.

  3. Gea de Groot says:

    I agree with Gerard, This autum I fond naer the Athos pink crocusses. They must also flower on the mountain.

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