1987 – another look at the interior of the cell of Maroudá

My Athos friend Jan Paul ten Bruggencate, who just cellebrated his 87th birthday this month and who will be visiting Athos again in May (respect!), has been visiting the cell of Maroudá many times. He gave me the advice to do the same and in 2016 we finally could plan our first stay in this beautifull place, with the benevolent help of ever so friendly Father Makarios. The friendly Father Makarios puts his arm around one of his guests

We have been publishing about the cell many times before, also by Bas and Herman – see here. I thought I had exhaustively described the interesting interior of this cell, with all its specials murals in the courtyard (see for example post 1801 about the Alexander frieze), but to my surprize I discovered another frieze, that is in fact easy to find on the outside wall van the kiriakon, at the place were coffee and snacks are served to the pilgrims.The frieze starts with six scenes above the bench where Father Makarios sits with three others and goes further around the corner, on the white wall on the right. All scenes concern the life of Jesus Christ as a youngster, starting with the Annunciation on the left.The six scenes above the benchAround the corner the frieze continues with a scene of the child Jesus, complicated in cloths. The next three scenes show us the Magi from the East and the star over Bethlehem, followed by more scenes from the life of Christ. The scene on the right is painted next to the window of the kiriakon. Under every scene are bookrolls painted with texts, that look a little messy displayed.  The frieze contiues with four more scenes from the bible,ending on te right with an adult Jesus sitting on a throne, accompanied by four Angels and six people.

After a quick breakfast with bread and water (no Heineken beer!), it was time to leave and to say goodbye to Father Makarios and our friend Efrem from Belgium. Last instructions by Efrem for our hike to Pantocratoros, Kolitsou and VatopedíClouds cover the hills over Maroudá.

Wim, 18-3-18

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5 Responses to 1987 – another look at the interior of the cell of Maroudá

  1. Sean says:

    Very Nice.

  2. Ivan Gaytandzhiev says:

    How can we go to Marouda? And can we made reservation thеre?
    Have Marouda a e-mail?
    Ivan Gaytandzhiev
    Plovdiv Bulgaria

    • athosweblog says:

      Dear Ivan and Plovdiv,

      Yes, you can make a reservation, but Marouda does not have the possibility to send an email. You can contact father Makarios or Pavlos by telephone:

      0030 2377 024076 and 0030 694 5347782. Good luck!

      Best regards, Wim

      • Ivan Gaytandzhiev says:

        Dear Wim,
        Thank you for information.I have problem with english , so sorry.
        Your blog is very nice and i am reading with interest. for history of Athos.
        We are 5- 8 friends from Plovdiv and we going every year spring and autumn for piligrimage to Mount Athos.
        We going on 29.09. to Careya, but this time we a many people(10). Maybe on next year we going
        3-4 man and i want to visiting Marouda.
        Maybe we can meet sometime on Mount Athos. We would happy to meet you.
        Best regards, Ivan

      • athosweblog says:

        Dear Ivan,

        Thanks for your compliments, this is why we publish our stories and pictures!

        I will be on the Holy Mountain in two weeks, to visit Xenofontos, Simonospetra and Agiou Pavlou. We will also go in 2019, but we do not have a date yet. Hope to meet there once in the future!

        Best regards, Wim Voogd

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