1985 – The aqueduct of Iviron

The easter procession with the icon of the Panagia Portaitissa in 1917 with on the left, a  part of the aqueduct of Iviron.  The monks are about to pass the large arche of the structure. Notice also the scaffolding, to keep the aqueduct in its place?

I visited Iviron several times but never noticed the aqueduct. But with the increasing quality of Google maps I believe I found the right location.The aqueduct starts at the red arrow and I think the photographer of the black and white image stood on the red star when shooting his picture. On the left,  the building close to the waterway and in the back the long building also to be seen on the photograph. The wooden building in front on the photograph did not survive time.

Here you can scan the detailed surface of Mount Athos with a new version of Google Maps.

Theodosios Simonopetritis send us some very nice photo’s of this aqueduct made by him in 2004, Thanks ! :Aqueduct THD 2004 Iviron.png

THD iviron 2004.png

Herman Voogd

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  1. Fascinating post, as usual. And that Google Map is quite amazing, no?

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