1966 – Ottoman maps of Agios Oros

 This old Ottoman map is on paper and part of a manuscript by Piri Reis on navigation. Very nice hand coloured map with the monasteries visible and the Island of Thasos on the right. Here is more information.  Piri Reis map ottoman detail athos.png

bay of Salonica and Chalkidiki Piri Reis.png
Ottoman map 1901 borderAthos on the Rumeli-i şahane haritası map from 1901/1902. Rumeli is the European part of the Ottoman Empire. The main route to Karyes start on this map in Ierissos and passes the Xerxes canal, watch the dashed line above Amouliani island (or is this dashed vertical line the former Athos border?)
The northern route to Karyes with probably a telegraph line. 
The telegraph line stops at Karyes. The long coastal path to Lavra, now gone unfortunately. Watch the complete Rumeli-i şahane haritası map here.

Thanks to Japetus

Herman Voogd

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