1965 – The little chapel at Lavra

Little Chapel near the trapeza (refectory) at Lavra monastery dedicated to the Panaghia. Strange animals at the bottom of the pillars. This is the situation in 2017.Monk in front of the same chapel in 1917. The rope to lower the lamp is on its place.
On the right small parts of the cypress tree are visible.In 1853 the chapel was a part of buildings that are no longer there. The gate on the right leads to the refectory with the cypress tree on the right standing  between the main church and the trapeza.chapel 2017 lavraThe curtain is closed now and protects the icon against the sunlight.

Herman Voogd

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  1. japetusgr says:

    The rope of course is not for the curtain but to raise and lower the lantern in order to have it lit.
    Lanterns with a rope like that can be seen on the outside of and above all the main gates of the monasteries, lighting an icon of Panaghia.
    The monk assigned as gatekeeper has also the task to light everyday the lantern.

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