1964 – Panteleimonos in 1882

Last week I purchased this engraving from a German internet store. It is published in 1882 in “Illustrirte Chronik der Zeit”, a German magazine that was published every two weeks between 1872 and 1900. Most special about this engraving is that it showes the situation of the Panteleimonos monastery before the construction of the megalomaniac buildings, build a couple of decennia later. The coastline still has its original shape with rocks and beaches. Small cells are located around the monastery. The clock tower is not yet built, as is the large central church. Detail of the engraving: a monk stands on the balcony of his small cell.The coastline with small huts and rocky beaches. On the right side of this image a second monk stands in the olive grove. The small buildings surrounding the monastery: on the left you see the entrance. Above the entrance you can see a tower-like building with a cross on top of it – might this be the prior clock tower of Panteleimonos? In the main building in the background you see the dubble church on the highest floor, still in situ.

At first I thought I found a new image of the monastery that was never published before. But in the second instance I found out that my brother Herman had been ahead of me. Because in post 1427 he published this picture on our weblog, that showes excactly the same image!The engraving is an exact copy of the photograph, made somewhere between 1870 and 1882! Probably a German artist saw this picture and copied it on a copper plate!  So even 150 years ago people copied images for their own use!Panteleimon prior to 1862: from the monastery’s refectory, with the old bell tower (?)

This postcard showes the situation were a part of the small cells (and some large trees) and the large building on the right are visible (unknown date).In 1880-1890 building activities were carried out in Panteleomonos (see  in the back), while ceremonies take place.This photograph of Panteleimonos that I found on the internet dates from 1909Panteleimonos church late 1800This photograph of the main church – Katholicon of Roussikon dates from the end of the 19th century. Cleary the church looks newly build!

Wim Voogd, 10/12/17

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    Very Nice!

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