1963 – Watching people in Karyes.

The first monk we saw in Karyes, the capital of Athos and the only village where no one ever has been born, was an old man, whom we had met before on several occasions. The poor wandering man has got a simple wooden right leg that doesn’t seem to limit him in his rather fluent movements on the uneven cobbled pavement.All the goods are brought from the harbour in Dafni to Karyes, where they are unloaded and further distributed to the monasteries by various pick-up cars. The loading and unloading is executed with a certain joyful up-tempo excitement.
Most of the times the food served in the monasteries is freshly made, the canned Greek Meals by Onassis are the exception to the rule. For the rest we see carton boxes with olives, apples and cookies.Three beardless novices from the Athonian school in Skiti Andreou, which is situated at a short walking distance from this high street. They surely do dress in their own style and have their own hairstyle. These young ones want to make their own statement and the dare to be different.Just behind the Protaton, the oldest and most important church, a few houses rise up to the hill. Recently restored stone walls close off the houses. All restored quite recently. A monk holds his hat.Webmaster Herman Voogd (with newly bought Agios Oros cap) poses in front of the marble stairs leading to the government building, where prolongation requests for a longer stay on the Holy Mountain can be assigned to pilgrims.On the way to Koutloumousiou. you will find a bakery. Just follow the delicious smells and you will find it. The baker was so kind to pose for this picture. His spanakopita (puff pastry filled with spinach) is unsurpassed for the hungry pilgrim.It is amazing how quick technological innovations find their way to Athos. This Father is fully concentrated on his screen.A typical scene in Karyes; pilgrims waiting for the bus that will take them to the hospital for the soul, to the monastery of their choice.This old man walked extremely slowly from the bakery in Karyes, where he had bought some rolls in the green plastic bag, by the overshadowed concrete path to Koutloumousiou. A cat came to greet him.
Next time some impressions from Koutloumousiou.

Bas Kamps

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