1933 – video: a Dutch vlogger climbing Mount Athos

A Dutch hair stylist and vlogger from Rotterdam climbed to the top of the mountain last July. He made a funny ego-video of his hike, with the use of a drone!

Wim Voogd (thanks Vasílis)

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3 Responses to 1933 – video: a Dutch vlogger climbing Mount Athos

  1. Herman Voogd says:

    This guy is too much, unbelievable! He hasn’t have a clue where he is, did not prepare himself . He is only talking about himself. Complaining, whining and in the summit boasting about his “big achievement” . He even apologizes that he is not able to make selfies on the way down because he has to watch his step, Who cares! I am not interested in selfies but in the landscape and the rather nice drone footage, I have to admit, But the spectacular drone shot of the summit last only 15 seconds! A missed opportunity.

  2. F. John Herbert says:

    Ah, don’t be too hard on him, Herman. He’s just a kid :). I rather enjoyed the video, but I’m curious about two things: how long does the ascent typically take? and what’s in that building on the summit?

    • athosweblog says:

      Haha you are right. To answer your questions: The kid did it in 3 days and called the little chapel at 1500 meters a monastery! I climbed the Mountain twice, both times in one day, 6 hours up and 5 hours down. Both times too tired to sleep normally afterwards. The building on the top is a new larger chapel. I suspect it is now finished after years of building. All materials came by mules. On this film (2011) my last meters to the top with the unfinished chapel https://youtu.be/_g4-RdUUvWg

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