1932 – Workers at Mount Athos

Muleteer working in the streets of Nea Skiti, 2017Muleteer at Kavsokalivia transporting goods from the harbour to the settlement, 2013
Muleteer on the path between Lavra and Skete Anna near Stravros 2011

Workers at the main entrance at Simonas Petras monastery.Restoration workers from Georgia at Mylopotamos in 2013.Repairing the roof of Esfigmenou monastery in 2009.Workers at Dochiariou explaining that we were not allowed to take photo’s, in 2011.

Head of the wine production at Mylopotamos with a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine, 2009.

Volunteers helping with the grape harvest of 2009 at Iviron.

Kitchen staff

Workers for the wine production of Mylopotamos helping in the kitchen of father Epifanos, 2013.

In 2014/15 this man from the USA was temporarily helping in the kitchen of Dyonisiou but also told us amazing stories about his life and orthodoxy.

Transportation (motorized)

This bulldozer driver is trying to get his vehicle on the road again after he slipped of the track.  This was in the winter of 2014/15 near the maingate of Paulou monastery.
Unloading goods in the capital of Karyes in 2017.Transportation of wood at the harbour of Iviron in 2015.

Other jobs

An Albanian worker is drilling holes for planting olive trees at Marouda , 2017.
The baker of Karyes wrapping up the spinach pastry, the delicious spanakopita in 2017.These men are in some kind of meeting at the Dafni harbour cafe. It is a kind of office and they are clearly at work but I don’t know what there job is, 2014.customs at Dafni 2011Custom officer at the harbour of Dafni, 2011.

Herman Voogd

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  1. marcus says:

    Hi! Do you know anything else about the man from the US who was working in the kitchen? His name? Is he still there do you think? Thanks!

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