1928 – Thebais: contact with fellow pilgrims on the boat

After we spent some time at Thibais our friendly host, Boris, showed us the way uphill to the road to Proto Nero and Chilandariou. Suddenly we saw the boat coming from Ouranoupolis. We knew that my brother and friends were on this ferry standing on the deck. We couldn’t recognize them. I decided to phone him and explained our position above Thibais.We jumped and waved to our friends on the boat explaining that were standing 30 meters high from the main chapel on the right but they did not see us. Much later, on this photograph, our position became clear to them.On this detail from the photo above you see us phoning and waving.We moved along as the boat sailed to the port of Dafni. We passed the ruined house.Then we reached the road the Chilandariou. Boris points in the right direction. Flowers were blooming everywhere. The large fire of 2012 had made space for new vegetation.

Herman Voogd
Photo taken in the boat by Jit Bakker.

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