1926 – Meeting Dragan Jemuovic

When we were relaxing in the kiosk outside the maingate of Lavra May 2017 a man came up to me and introduced himself as Dragan who said he knew me. It took me a moment to understand because I had never seen this man before but then I realized it was Dragan Jemuovic from Serbia a frequent visitor of our blog. Dragan made many interesting comments on our posts because he knows a lot about the mountain, especially about cells (he saw or visited them all!) and unknown spots. After a very nice conversation we posed together for the maingate of Lavra. (photo by Bas Kamps)
This is Dragan standing for a bridge which was once part of the footpath from Iviron to Lavra probably near Ag. Georgios. This photo is from his Facebookpage. I also discovered a great serie of photo’s from his hand on a Panoramio homepage. The photo’s are unique because made on very remote and unknown interesting places on the peninsula. Here are some of my favorite images:An aqueduct near the cell of Monoxylities.
We heard stories that the monks at Monoxylities are not very fond of visitors and that they keep large, not particularly friendly, dogs. Dragan could acknowledge that there were such animals and that the best thing to do was standing completly motionless till the monks arrive and eases them down.The guesthouse on the shore and the unfinished church of Nea Thebais just before the great fire. Chilandariou lake in the Proto Nero area after the fire in 2012. The fire started near Monoxylitis and ended in this area of Proto Nero.This chapel of Profiti Eliou is standing on the top of mountain (Karmelia), at the background the slopes of Mount Athos.Ruins of the Kolitsu arsanas. Later more on the Kolitsu region by my brother who went there May 2017.The white marble, newly build, church near Kerasia on the south slope of the mountain.The tower of the Karakalou arsanas with the monastery in the background.Almost unreachable hermit cell at Karoulia. eastern border monopati by Dragan.png
Monopati near the eastern border.
All photo’s by Dragan Jemuovic, more unknown spots, ruins, cells, bridges, fountains, monopatia, lakes, and chapels go to Dragans photo’s. Thanks for using them!

Herman Voogd

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5 Responses to 1926 – Meeting Dragan Jemuovic

  1. Jemo says:

    Thank you Herman. A wonderful comment. The chapel of Profit Eliu is standing on the top of a mountain Karmela.

  2. Sean Surlow says:

    Very nice set of photographs…

  3. japetusgr says:

    Dragan does an excellent job geotagging his photos and uploading them to panoramio. I hope more people start to do the same and not placing their pics randomly on google map. It is a pleasure browsing google earth and discovering Dragans photos showing all these small details of cells and other establishments on the exact place where they should be. Well done Jemo!

  4. Japetus says:

    I don’t want to make it sound like an advertisment, but after google took down panoramio and all these lovely photos were removed from the server, Dragan decided to publish them on a book which is a great index of almost every building in every settlement in Athos with a photograph. It’s in serbian but shouldn’t be a problem for one who wants to discover the secrets of Athos.

    What is very interesting and incredibly helpful is that along the book a cdrom is also distributed containing all these photos as well as google earth kml files with all the paths walked by him in the past and placemarks of the buildings/other poi’s which open directly the assorted photograph. A very rich, unique and great tool for exploring Athos with Google Earth.
    Few copies of the book are also available in Ouranoupolis at Athos Natura shop on the main street.

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