1905 – new Bulgarian documentary film about Athos: “The Garden of Theotokos”?

Last week I received an email from Silvia Stoyanova, producer of PavloFFilms. This is what she wrote to me to promote their new film about Athos:

“Our film is made for a wider audience as from the start we decided that we want to send it out to film festivals. We made our film for a non-religious audience, people interested in foreign culture and traditions. The religious theme is presented objectively. Our film is a glimpse into the life of this unknown community presented in a way that outsiders can understand and see how monks live”.

It looks as most of the filming has been done in the Bulgarian monastery Sografou in 2013. And the documentary film will go with English, Greek and Russian subtitles. So the Athos community will be treated with yet another fine film about the Holy Mountain, it looks very promising! To finish the film they started a crowdfunding on this site . A financial support is asked because is $6,000 is needed (thanks Vasilis for your comment).

The trailer of “The Garden of Theotokos”

From the same film company I found these clips about the Easter preparations on Athos:

Preparations before the service on Good Friday at Zograf monastery, Mount Athos

Scene from the documentary “The Garden of Theotokos”: Monks from Sografou monastery are painting Easter eggs

Making the traditional sweet Easter bread at Sografou

Procession with the icon Axion Estin on Easter Monday

Wim Voogd, 22/4

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  1. Vasílis says:

    The trailer of the film ‘The Garden of Theotokos trailer (EN, GR, RU subs)’ was published in februari 2017 on Youtube with this request: Support us to finish our film at: https://igg.me/at/Athos
    Подкрепете довършването на нашия фил. You may see they started already in 2013.

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