1903 – Koutloumousiou monastery -1

September 23th 2015 we paid a visit to this monastery. In this photo essay I will show you the pictures I took. Here is a plan of monastery and its surroundings:koutloumousiou planand on the next satelite picture you see the spots where I took the photos:nikon Koutloumousiou spots 2Koutloumousiou can be reached from Karyes in a 10 minutes walk. Before leaving Karyes a visit to the bakery is a must.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESPhoto Jitze BakkerDSCN7401 (Large) Karyes: the bakeryDSCN7418 (Large)Near the monopati to Koutloumousiou: an ‘Athos’ ambulance: I hope you don’t need it!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESLeaving Karyes (photo Jitze Bakker)DSCN7421 (Large)The gate to Koutloumousiou: the monopati on the right leads to Filotheou (see the light blue pin on the satelite picture above, in the left upper corner). SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESPhoto Jitze BakkerDSCN7420 (Large)Soon after the gate this house appears (spot on the satelite photo above) on your right hand and a little furtherDSCN7419 (Large)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESon your left hand, this building (spot B).DSCN7422 (Large)The same building,with a chapel for Ag. Nikolaos, at spot B, seen from the other site. DSCN7423 (Large)The monastery seen from the garden (spot C)DSCN7424 (Large)Another house in the setting of the monastery, where the garden ends, at a crossing of some dirt roads (near spot C).DSCN7426 (Large)DSCN7427 (Large)DSCN7431 (Large)three more houses, at spot D, DSCN7425 (Large)near the monopati to the Paisios dwelling ‘Panaghia’.DSCN7428 (Large)Maintaining the garden. DSCN7417 (Large)The entrance to the monastery (spot E). DSCN7474 (Large)DSCN7470 (Large)The water fountain in front of the entrance (B1 on the plan – first picture above).DSCN7473 (Large)A text above the water source.

Wim, 14/4

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