1901 – documentary ‘Athos Im Jenseits dieser Welt’: now on YouTube and TV (15-04)

The documentary ‘Athos Im Jenseits dieser Welt‘ is now to be seen on YouTube as a ‘screener’. As soon as the DVD was available on Amazon.com I bought it and showed it to my fellow pilgrims, who will be visiting Athos May this year. They all were really impressed, this is one of the best Athos films ever!

I was surprized to find a screener on YouTube (thanks Hans), so soon after the release of this documentary, so I do not know if this legal. If it is not legal, I will remove the link immediately from our weblog. But if it proves to be legal, I would still advice all our readers to buy the DVD on this site (or this one), because it is worth seeing in high quality on your own television set and show it to your friends and family!

April 15th this documentary is broadcasted in two episodes on German television (Arte) – Athos- Die Republik der Mönche (20.15 h.) and Der Berg der Mönche (21.05 h.) – thanks Jan Paul.

Wim, 24/3

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2 Responses to 1901 – documentary ‘Athos Im Jenseits dieser Welt’: now on YouTube and TV (15-04)

  1. H.A. Hage says:

    Dank je pelgrim Wim voor de tip. Echt indrukwekkend verborgen stukje cultuur. Ik denk dat iedereen wel kriebel krijgt om te gaan helpen conserveren.
    Groetjes Hein

  2. athosweblog says:

    For those who missed the broadcast on 15/04: next Tuesday and Wednesday 2 and 3 May the two documentaries are repeated on ARTE 17.40 h.!

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