1889 – Panteleimonos in 1971

panteleimonos-1971dr-nicholas-exadaktyPanteleimonos monastery in 1971. This photo was taken by Dr Nicholas Exadaktylos (thanks to Nathaniel). panteleimonos-2015-hv-restoredFrom the same spot but now taken in 2015 after the complete restoration.dr-nicholas-exadakty-panteleimonos-1971 The guesthouse in 1971 by Dr Nicholas Exadaktylos.2015-panteleimonos-fullet-restored-hvIn 2015 photo by Herman Voogd. panteleimonos-1971-exadaktyThe Refectory with the tower in 1971 by Dr Nicholas Exadaktylos.panteleimonos-tower-2009-hv
The same tower in 2015.panteleimonos-exadakty-1971A View on the church and courtyard. On the left the ruins of the  vip guesthouse destroyed by fire in 1968.  Behind the tower the ruins of the wing with the entrance (photo  by Dr Nicholas Exadaktylos).panteleimonos-2009-foto-jitze-bakkerIn In 2009 when this photo was taken by Jitze Bakker, the vip guesthouse at the wing in the background and the entrance were already restored.dr-nicholas-exadakty-panteleimonos-1971-gateThe Entrance (main gate)by Exadaktylos in 1971.

The historical collection of 1971 Athos photos  by Dr Nicholas Exadaktylos were published in Google maps by Panoramio, a program that has been closed down in the meanwhile.

Herman Voogd

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  1. Sean Surlow says:

    Very Nice! Great to see the before and after photographs Herman.

  2. Hi! I am Dr Nicholas Exadaktylos. I visited Mount Athos in September/October 1971, then 24 years old. I shot 736 slides with a Nikon F camera, 20mm, 35mm, 50mm and 135mm Nikkor lenses.About 150 of them are in Panoramio. I know Panoramio is closing in November. I would like very much to contribute to your blog by uploading permanently these photos in a site of my own. Please reply.

    • Sean Surlow says:

      That would be great! You would need a slide scanner to put them in a digital format. There are many very good and free cloud services to download them to. Flickr is one with very large storage, is free, has the ability to create folders, edit, write descriptions, etc. I look forward to seeing your photographs someday. Sean

    • athosweblog says:

      Dear Nicholas Exadaktylos.
      It would be fantastic if you made a site/blog of your own with you very interesting photo collection. You can use WordPress or another platform. We will make a link and some publicity on our weblog. Feel free to use our way of showing the photo’s (numbered posts with app. 7 till 15 photo’s at the time and a short story). Is this what you had in mind?
      Herman and Wim Voogd

  3. Dear Sean, Herman and Wim.

    Hi! I am Nicholas again. Than you very much for your reply. All the slides are already scanned with an Epson Perfection V750 Pro scanner.
    The address above is the place to start looking for these pictures. The pictures are going to be grouped in geographical parts. Right now there is only one picture uploaded, with the geographical coordinates to locate it. Please allow me some time to upload the rest. I need to check with the (remains of) Panoramio.


    PS http://www.steniotes.gr is a site about the village I come from, Stenies, Andros island.

  4. Dear Sean, Herman and Wim.

    As I promised I uploaded over 300 pictures of my 1971 trip to Mount Athos.
    These pictures can be found in this site
    There is some commentary but more will be added in due time. Please allow me some time.
    Thank you very much for your kind words and comments.
    At the bottom of the first page there is my email.
    Best regards,

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