1877 – Athos film with drone scenes

drone-image-summit-mt-athosShot from a drone of the Mount Athos summit with the shadow of the mountain cast upon the sea in the morning sun .

In this recent beautiful Russian film you will see some different places of Mount Athos, like the Russian settlement of Thebais, Panteleimonos, Chilandar, Old Athoniada ruins, Vatopedi, Iviron, The top of Holy Mountain, etc, that are filmed by a drone. The film is made by photographer Valery Bliznyuk and priest Andrei Bliznyuk (Thanks Nathaniel).

Wim, 26/12

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1 Response to 1877 – Athos film with drone scenes


    Thank you very much! The video is very beautiful!!! It does not say that the Monastery of Chilandar, the Serbian one is presented here as well…not evryine is able to recognise the place…MUCH LOVE IN CHRIST ON OUR SAVIOUR’S NATIVITY!!!

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