1876 – Eight unknown spots in Athos

In recent posts we showed some of the earliest negatives from the year 1853, by Ernest de Caranza & Emile Charles Labbé. We don’t recognize all the place the pictures were taken. They were shot in a time when it was still very expensive to take a picture. So they must have been made with special attention and a special meaning.
Who recognizes a monastery, a kellion or a skete, on these rare, antique, photos? Some of the pictures might be mirrored horizontally.2-1853nr. 1: According to Jema this is Arhangeli,Kukuzelisa with Lavra in the background. Here a photo by Dragan Jemuovic. kukuzelisa-by-dragan-jemuovicMore unknown Athos by Dragan Jemuovic here.4-1853nr. 2: it could be a group of houses near Zographou, according to the architecture and the shapes of the surrounding hills. Dragan names it Paraklis Evangelismos . chapel-near-sografou7-1853nr. 3: we see a broad path. It could be somewhere between Dafni and Karies. We don’t recognise the fountain along the road. The tops of the cypresses suggest a building or cemetery nearby. A plausible suggestion by silviucluci, the well St. George near Xenofontoswell-st-george-near-xenofontos8-1853nr. 4: a wide open space, some low buildings. A wooden building in the left. A field that is recently ploughed. Anyone? silviucluci thinks that it could be Milopotamos:milopotamos21-1853nr. 5: which monastery could this be? The shapes are very Athonian. The structure reminds us of Grigouriou. According to Wim this might be the katholicon of Docheiariou:dscn2798

23-1853nr. 6: the straight and sharp building makes us think about Xiropotamou. But we ‘re open for suggestions. silviucluci suggests also Koutloumousiou. 1-1853nr. 7: probably the open structure with the cupola contains an icon or other holy objects. The pillars, they seem to be carried by doglike animals, are quite typical and can reveal its location. Dragan Jemuovic and silviucluci are convinced that it is the courtyard of Lavra:courtyard-lavra-near-trapezaarsanas-vatopedinr. 8: According to Dragan these are boathouses at the arsanas of Pantocratoros, see photo below/red arrow. silviucluci thinks arsanas Provata or Filotheou.  pantocratoros boathouses.pngWith your help we hope to name and place these pictures?!
Bas Kamps (and the last photos by Herman Voogd)

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15 Responses to 1876 – Eight unknown spots in Athos

  1. I think, the number 1 picture is near Karakallou, Kellion Saint Paraskeuis.
    iIf you want to see pictures of kellion look in my fb, in album

  2. Vasílis says:

    nr1, quick thought, Kelli Agia Paraskevi near Karakallou?

  3. athosweblog says:

    nr5 might be Docheiariou monastery

  4. Jemo says:

    No1 is Arhangeli,Kukuzelisa 100% and Megisti lavra.
    No7 is Pantokrator arsana 100%.

  5. Dragan says:

    No2 Zograf, Paraklis Evangelismos 100%.

  6. Dragan says:

    No7 is Megistis lavra.

  7. Jemo says:

    Dragan and Jemo is the same person!

  8. Jemo says:

    Location of Kukuzelisa is not good. The cell is 100m on the right side. Pater Herouvim!

  9. For No. 7 I have pictures. How can I send?

  10. Dragan Jemuovic says:

    No 7 Megistis lavra.

  11. silviucluci says:

    My minds about this eight unknown spots in Athos
    1. It is possible to be Kukuzelisa, but I’m not so sure
    https://www.panoramio.com/photo/116550419 http://www.panoramio.com/photo/121958527
    2. It is the small church of Annunciation from the cemetery of Zografu.
    3. For me it look like St. George’s Spring from Xenofont
    4. Milopotamu
    5. Docheiariou – the north-east wing.
    6. It is possible to be Xiropotamou from the north-east side or Koutloumousiou
    7. The proskinitarion from the courtyard of Megisti Lavras, close to the trapeza
    8. I don’t agree the idea of Pantokrator’s arsana. It is possible to be the arsana of Philotheou or Provata

  12. japetusgr says:

    Would somebody recognize which kelion this is? Should be located in Kapsala.


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