1868 – The evolution of Simonos Petras

When was the right wing added?simonaspetras-1744-barsky
1744 drawing by Barsky.
1853 one of the first photographs by Ernest de Caranza and Emile Charles Labbé.simonospetras-1867-1872
1867 1872 by Russian monks of the Panteleimonos monastery.simonospetras-athelstan-riley-1883
1883 by Athelstan Rileysimonospetras-postcard-1906
1906 postcard
simonospetras-early-20-centuryEarly 20th century, unknown photographer. Simonos Petras was rebuild  in 1893 – 1902. Probably the right wing was added in those years.simonospetras-1925-1930-byron
1926 – 1930 by Robert Byrondscn7122-large
21st century by Wim Voogd

Voor Gerard Koolschijn
Herman Voogd

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  1. gerard koolschijn says:

    Many thanks for your flashing reaction, Herman!

  2. theodosios says:

    Has been built roughly 110 years ago, after the last big fire

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