1858 – Athos film in French from 1963

andreou-last-monks-1963-7-french-speaking-monkThis film is black and white, 13′.35 minutes long, with a long interview with a French speaking monk Pavlos Lavriotis – 1885 – 1980 (photo above) and images of the last remaining six inhabitants of skiti Andreou, see pictures below.andreou-last-monks-1963-1andreou-last-monks-1963-2andreou-last-monks-1963-3andreou-last-monks-1963-4andreou-last-monks-1963-5andreou-last-monks-1963-6-mongol-deserter-from-the-red-armyA monk from Mongolia, who deserted from the Red Army at the age of 20 and fled to Mount Athos.

Wim, 30/10

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  1. The French speaking monk is Pavlos Lavriotis (1885-1980)

  2. Vasílis says:

    See also: https://athosweblog.com/2008/11/07/616-films-about-athos/. But the link doesn’t work any longer….

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