1857- the hike from Karyes to Simonos Petras

On September 28th 2015 we walked from Karyes to Simonos Petras. The hike started on the main road from Karyes to Dafni and the totall distance was 13,3 km. It took us – including breaks – 4 hours.  karyes-simonospetras-3kopieCheck this route here on Wikiloc. The hike started at 269 meters and the highest point was 785 meters (at V on the map above).dscn7020-largeThe starting point: the capital Karyes, here the Protaton church and bell tower seen from the graveyard.img_4195-largePhoto 1: looking back on the main road to Dafni in the direction of Karyes. The road going uphill leads to Maroudá and Vatopedi, following ‘the ridge’.dscn7050-largeimg_4196-largePhoto 2: the turn towards Simonos Petras: here we leave the main road to Dafni and take a turn and follow the dirt road. The sign above shows many possibilities: back to Karyes, down to Koutloumousiou, futher to Xiropotamou or continue the road to Simonos Petras.dscn7052-large dscn7053-largeImmediately after the junction from the main road you will see these two FoMA-signs: straight on towards Simonos Petras and left towards Koutloumousiou. img_4197-largedscn7056-largeto Ag. Gabriel (a kellion?)dscn7057-largePhoto 3: walking over the ‘the ridge’ towards Simonos Petras: the road is well kept, some parts have concrete a pavement.dscn7058-largedscn7059-largeEverywhere we are surrounded by large, empty forrests, this house above is the only building we saw in this area.dscn7060-largeimg_4198-largePhoto 4: at this spot you follow the road leading to Simonos Petras. The old wooden signs are difficult to read: they show the road to Filotheou.dscn7061-largeAt the same spot you can also choose to got to Lacu skete (see the blue sign).dscn7062-largedscn7063-largeThis large forrestry map (dasokomikos) tells you you’re entering the Simonos Petras area. Here we reach the highest point of this hike.img_4199-largedscn7065-largePhoto 5: the junction of roads leading to Grigoriou, Filotheou and Simonos Petras/Dafni.dscn7064-largeThe view from here, Dafni is somewehere behind the hills.dscn7067-largeimg_4200-largedscn7068-largePhoto 6: the junction of 6 dirt roads: we continue our walk in a straight line.dscn7070-large dscn7072-largeForrestry activitiesdscn7073-large dscn7076-large dscn7077-largePhoto 7: arriving at kelli Ag. Dimitrios, where the monopati starts. A large kitchen garden on the picture above.img_4201-largeThe beginning of the monopati.dscn7079-large dscn7081-largeGoing down towards Simonos Petrasdscn7082-large dscn7083-largeThe monopati: quiet place to rest next to a ponddscn7088-large dscn7090-largedscn7093-largeNear the monastery the vegetation gets less dence and the monopati ends here. When you look at the other site, this view shows up:dscn7086-largeSimonos Petras! dscn7087-largeThe monastery and the mountain.dscn7097-largeArriving at Simonos Petras: behind these roofs is the guesthouse at your right hand.

Wim Voogd, 30-10

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