1853 – Skiti Andreou: historical pictures

skiti-andreou-historical-picture7-skullsThe ossuary of Andreou: also see the more recent pictures of Raymond Geldermans from April 1982 in post 1851.skiti-andreou-historical-picture8-dinerThe old trapeza: this mist be the oval room on the picture below, taken from the garden. Notice the wall paintings: nowadays they disappeared totally (see picture below)!dscn6956-garden-1-largeold-trapezaToday the old trapeza looks like this. How can it be that all paintings are gone? Nothing is left, not even a fragment! Did they just fall from the walls or were they stolen? old-trapeza-tablesathos-skiti-andreou-5-juli-1905Historical picture of the Serail on 5th of July 1905 (Feast of Athanasius): in front of the trapeza numerous monks sit in the courtyard and have their meal in the open air.skiti-andreou-abt-1908The abbot in 1908, Archimandrite Seraphim of the Serail. At that moment the power of this settlement was at its height. The picture is made by the “house-photographer” of the Skiti.skiti-andreou-historical-pictureOfficial visitors/military in the main church: one of them is allowed to stand in the abbots chair, just like president Putin last May in the Protaton.skiti-andreou-historical-picture2 skiti-andreou-historical-picture3Group picture on 15 June 1914skiti-andreou-historical-picture4Workers/monks in front of the iconostasis in the main churchskiti-andreou-historical-picture5-bakeryThe bakery: in the background a painting, maybe with saint Silouan? skiti-andreou-historical-picture6-carpentersCarpenters in their workshopskiti-andreou-historical-picture9-tailorsTailors

athos-skiti-andreou-the-last-russian-monk-summer-1965The last Russian monk in Andreou, summer 1965 – from the Feigl book about Athos (Forhoelle des Paradies). Soon after he died and the Serail was handed over to Vatopediou, the owner of the land of Skiti Andreou.

Wim Voogd, 2/10

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