1848 – art: Markos Kampanis

kampanis-summit-in-4-monotypesMount Athos, as seen through the eyes of contemporary Greek artist, Markos Kampanis.kampanis-mural-vatopediHe is known for his murals in Simonas Petras but also for this large painting on the wall near the main gate of Vatopediou. During 2013 Markos Kampanis was commissioned to decorate the main entrance hall of Vatopaidi Monastery. The mural painted with silicate paints, shows the main monastic compound together with its cells and dependencies (Sk. Andreou on the left) on Mount Athos.
Kampanis is an artist, born in Athens in 1955. He has studied painting in London at Saint Martin’s School of Art. He works as a painter, print maker, book illustrator and church-mural artist.
kampanis-karyes-behind-protaton kampanis-karyes

Karyes, painted in his typical style,  a sort of contemporary cubism.
Vatopediou seen from the archondariki.
kampanis-drawing-mylopotamosHe is also a gifted drawing artist. Sketch of Mylopotamos. When we visited this beautiful place in 2009 we were invited to see the modest but very nice library of Mylopotamos.
mylopotamos-library-joachimIn the library Joachim of Mylopotamos showed us books but also linocuts by Kampanis.
kampanis-mylopotamos-linocut-printKampanis made all kinds of linocuts. This one of Mylopotamos belongs to the collection of Mylopotamos itself. At the moment Markos Kampanis shows his work at an exhibition in the US.

Herman Voogd

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