1830 – Athos in French magazine L’Illustration 1920 (2)

In December 1920 the French magazine L’Illustration published two articles about mount Athos, in post 1829 I showed you the images from the Noel-Christmas publication from december 4th 1920.

Today I will present the pictures and watercolors from the magazine of December 25th 1920. The originals of the watercolors are kept in the museum Centre Pompidou in Paris. If you go to the museum site and type ‘Athos’ in the search bar you find them (in a better quality then the prints I show you!) image1

The article starts with the chapter “Les arts a l’Athos” and some black and white pictures of religious objects of poor quality, of which I wil show you two:

The cross of Nicophoros Phocas, the Byzantine emperor

DSCN0049Martel – watercolor (11 x 16): the courtyard and gantries in Great LavraDSCN0050Martel – watercolor (15 x 21): the trapeza of Great Lavra, with its stone tablesDSCN0051.JPGMartel – watercolor (29 x 21): Lavra, the cypress of Athanasius

Three black and white pictures: Chilandariou, a painting of the Annonciation, the apron of the Holy Virgin from Vatopedi and monks sounding a bell in DocheiariouDSCN0068Paul Jouve – watercolor (31 x 50), the centerfold: Iviron in the light of the moonDSCN0060.JPGDetail of the last image, left corner: Mont Athos, Monastere d’Iviron, Julliet 1917DSCN0055Black and white picture: Easter service at VatopediDSCN0056.JPGBlack and white picture: the Proto-Epistasis Anthymas and his gards (Seimonides)DSCN0057Black and white picture: the monks of DocheiariouDSCN0058Black and white picture: Iviron – monks form neighbourng cells assist during the Easter ceremonyDSCN0062Martel – watercolor (15 x 11): the entrance to VatopediDSCN0063Martel – watercolor (9 x 13): the graveyard and tower of StavronikitaDSCN0067Martel – watercolor (7,5 x 11): Lavra, the guesthouse/archontarikiDSCN0064Martel – watercolor (11 x 16): Vatopedi, the courtyard and phialeDSCN0065Martel – watercolor (17,5 x 14): Karakalou, the katholicon

Wim Voogd, 16/6

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