1829 – Athos in French magazine L’Illustration 1920 (1)


In December 1920 two  articles about Athos were published in the French magazine L’Illustration, one in the (extra thick) Christmis edition of December 4th and the second on December 25th 1920. Both articles describe the pilgrimage of the author Georges Rémond, together with the artists Charles Martel and Paul Jouve, in August 1917 – during the Great War. Not long after their visit the French General Sarrail and Admiral des Vignaux visited Mount Athos in 1918, together with the photographer Millet, who took these pictures.

In the first article of December 4th 1920, called “La très sainte montagne de l’Athos”, Martel and Jouve published their fine watercolors (aquarelles), photographs and drawings, that I would like to share with you (recently I got the opportunity to buy both magazines).DSCN0153Martel – watercolor (14 x 21): arsanas Iviron: the tower and “fishermen monks”DSCN0155Martel – watercolor (11 x 16): Mount Athos seen from Stravronikita

The maps used in the articleDSCN0161Jouve – drawing (19 x 12,5): a monk from Chilandariou hits the semantron 1917DSCN0163Martel – watercolor (12 x 8): a small church on the Iviron territoryDSCN0165(14 x 9,5)DSCN0175Martel (21 x 16) – two watercolors of SimonopetrasDSCN0171Jouve – (32,5 x 46) watercolor of Simonopetras, used as a centerfold in the magazineDSCN0137Martel – watercolor (11 x 9): the door to the Protaton church in KaryesDSCN0169Martel – watercolor (30 x 21): a street in Karyes. This is without doubt the most striking and colorfull ‘aquarelle’, a real piece of art.DSCN0177Martel – watercolor (13,5 x 18): arsanas of the Great LavraDSCN0179Martel – watercolor (10,5 x 16): Great Lavra, view from the loggia where the monks liveDSCN0181Picture: the monks of Stavronikita (10 x 14)DSCN0183Martel – watercolor (17 x 13): the trapeza of DionysiouDSCN0186Martel – watercolor (11 x 8): the road leading to DionysiouDSCN0128Martel – watercolor (8 x 9) – DocheiariouDSCN0188.JPGMartel – watercolor (6 x 9) Iviron: the seaside facade

Wim Voogd, 14/6, next time I will show the 2nd magazine of Dec 1920.

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