1821 – more stills from the documentary “A thousand years on Mount Athos”

The documentary I showed you in the last blog (1820) has some interesting scenes from unknown places on Athos. But first I will show you a few stills from Panteleimonos, starting with a picture from an (very) old monk, who looks familiar to me. Could he be one of last remaining Russian monks and the one I saw in 1980, when only eight monks (of which two Greek) were left in this huge monastery?panteleimonos old monk 5This is Abbot Jeremiah. He will turn 101 in October.(thanks Alex)panteleimonos old picture 2An old picture from Panteleimonos, a laboratory (is this the place where the monks developped their photo negatives?)panteleimonos old picture boatPanteleimonos: a ssteamboat on shore with a sunroofpanteleimonos old picturePanteleimonos: monks in workwear, carrying baskets near large vessels – the harvest of grapes or olives?panteleimonos old picture peerPanteleimonos: the construction of the pier.3e film Russikon construction pier 0This is also a picture of the construction of the pier, but I found this one on another documentary, look here. 3e film Russikon construction pier 2The ship on background has still has sails, so must be an old picture!Andreou 3 droneSkiti Andreou or Serail seen from a drone.unknown building 4 droneOld Russian church – the kellion of St. John. Chrysostom,  belonging to Hilandar monastery (thanks Alex). I have seen this building a couple of times from a distance, but afterwards I could never figger out where to place it on a map, until I saw the following shots, made with a drone.unknown building 1 droneBecause when the drone flew over the ruined roof of the building, suddenly Skiti Andreou appeared in the background – on the left – Skiti Andreou , see the next picture:unknown building 2 droneSkiti Andreou in the left corner. unknown building 0 google mapsThe marking point gave me the opportunity to have search on Google maps, and here it is, just above the word “on” in this text, not far from Maroudá kellion. Another Athos mystery is solved! In the grid below pictures from the interior:

But at the same time new mysteries arise, because of this building on the next picture:unknown settlement 15 droneAn unknown building with a small chapel, seen from a drone. Thanks to our reader Alex I now know this is Сhorny Vyr skete (could be translated as “black whirlpool”). It was founded by cossacks of the Zaporozhian Sich and is situated somewhere near Zografou monastery.unknown settlement 3 road toThere is well kept wide path covered with grass leading to this house/ruin:unknown settlement 1According to the (chesnut) trees and vegetation it should be somewhere in the neighbourhood of and above Karyes, in the direction North and far from the ridge path, is my guess. Who can help me? Thanks Alex who came to help me without a few hours!unknown settlement 2unknown settlement 9unknown settlement 6

The building is almost in ruins, but inside some the interior is left.

unknown settlement 16 droneYet another reason to go back to Athos soon and try to find this building. Next week our group of pilgrims will have our first meeting to discuss the itinerary for May 2017!

Wim Voogd, 26/5

Here on Google maps is the exact location of “cossack”-settlement, on the left from road with the name “skitis”. Wim, 27/5 13 h.

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  1. alex says:

    1. Abbot Jeremiah. He will turn 101 in October.
    2. Old Russian church – kellion of St. John. Chrysostom. Belongs to Hilandar monastery.
    3. An unknown building with a small chapel – Сhorny Vyr skete (could be translated as “black whirlpool”). It was founded by cossacks of the Zaporozhian Sich and is situated somewhere near Zografou monastery.

  2. gerard koolschijn says:

    I hope eventually mr Wim Voogd will make the Athos-map to end all Athos-maps, on which will be entered every single building on the peninsula!
    I digitally follow thankful in your steps.

  3. Thanks guys for sharing your wonderful work. It is a great blessing to me and a large boost of energy to my spirit. Pax et Bonum…

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