1808 – Athos 30 years ago: 26th of April 1986

30 years ago I began my second Athos pilgrimage: after recieving our Diamoniterion in Karyes we started out to reach the monastery of Karakalou.019 Athos panorama KaryesLooking back at Karyes and Koutloumousiou021 Athos vers water (de dag van de Tjernobel ramp)On this spot we took a rest and drank some water from a well, not knowing that on this day the Tjernobyl nuclear accident did occur. We thought we drank the most pure and healthy water you could imagine, while walking on the Holy Mountain, that was preserved against development for over a 1000 years.

Remember that 1986 was a pre-internet and cell phone time, so only a week afterwards we heard about the disaster. Luckily the wind did not bring much of the fallout to Greece/Mount Athos, but it showed how fragile we are with nuclear technology.1412068904670_wps_1_Chernobyl_map_2_copy_jpg 

But even on Mount Athos, where time stands still, many things changed since 1986: 003 Ouranopolis- FrankocastroWhat about the Zygou monastery near the border, then called Frankocastro?004 Ouranopolis - de grens naar AthosAnd the border near Zygou looked very different.006 Nea Roda - de grens naar AthosThe border at the other side, Komitsa in 1986.008 Athos Arsanas SografouAnd the harbour of Sografou.015 Athos Roussikon014 Athos RoussikonAnd what about the Panteleimonos monastery at that time, nowadays almost completely renovated because of the celebrations in 2016.033 Athos - Karyes Diamoniterion - kopieAnd here, in the Epistatia building, you had to get your Diamoniterion and collect your ID/passport from the “Politarchos”.IMG_0530031 Athos - weer op wegBlacksmith-monks (near Filotheou) gave us a fantastic lunch – together with Pieter Voorn.030 Athos 'basic' lunch op een kellionBread, olives, cheese, peppers, lettuce and wine, who needs more?IMG_0535Tsipourou at Dionysiou – photo Pieter VoornIMG_0536Monk and cat at Dionysiou 1986 – photo Pieter Voorn017 Athos Dafni098 Athos -DafniDafni 1986

Wim Voogd,26/4

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  1. Sean Surlow says:

    Very Nice Photo Essay. Thanks.

  2. gerard koolschijn says:

    Beautiful and unusual photo of Koutloumousiou! With the alluring path on the left. The A O man with the passports is also nice. (In 1970 the first thing our A O officer said when we arrived was: ‘Sto koureio!’ To the barber! Some of us had to have a haircut before we could get the diamonitirion. One was cut in his ear and feared all of our 7 days an inflammation).

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