1792 – the Esfigmenou – Vatopedi hike

This might be the spot where things went wrong for Herman, Bas and Jacques, see the red X on Google maps:esfigmenou - vatopediou Google mapskopieThe picture below is taken on the dirt road, where the monopati starts, at spot X.DSCN2292 (Large)On the map below you can see where this picture is taken, see the light blue pin:esfigmenou - vatopediou Google maps

The following picture shows the dirt road leading to Esfigmenou:DSCN2291 (Large)And the next three pictures are shot on the monopati that leads towards Vatopedi:DSCN2289 (Large) DSCN2288 (Large)DSCN2290 (Large)Also have a look at the recent comment of nanahcubja: he tells us about a new Athos map that wil published soon (www.filathonites.org). The publisher promised me to sent an example of this map, so I hope to share my findings soon on this blog!

Wim, 13/2

Comment by Bas Kamps:

Only back in Ouranopoli we found a new and pretty good map of the Holy Mountain. Herman has reported about that map before. With the help of this map we could reconstruct in detail where we missed the monopati. Wim was absolutely right in his post with his suggestions. In this close up of the new map our route is shown in a red dotted line.
Bas Kamps


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