1776 – The fishing monk of Esfigmenou

esfigmenou fisherman
The monastery of Esfigmenou with a monk fishing.
esfigmenou fishing monk
When we take a closer look we see that he is fishing directly under the ” Orthodoxy or Death”  sign.
esfigmenou monk fishing                                          fishin esfigmenou monk
In the waters off Mount Athos there is a special fisheries regime, under which fishing is prohibited in the marine zone of 500 meters around the coast, except for monks, who for centuries fish with the same artisanal and sustainable fishing practices. In this way, the monks have, for centuries, ensured the sustainable management of their food supply. This text is from the Institute of Marine Conservation Archipelagos in Greece. This institute warned the authorities in 2014 that on-going incidents of illegal and destructive fishing practices taking place in the waters off Mount Athos. This mainly take place in the waters around the southern tip of Mount Athos.

esfigmenou nets fish                            esfigmenou fish
I hope that this illegal fishing now has stopped and that the monks can continue fishing with their rods and small nets in a sea full of fish.

Pictures and text Herman Voogd

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