1771 – the hike from skiti Andreou – Maroudá

After arriving in Dafni on September 20th and the bustrip to Karyes, we went to skiti Andreou, where we would spend the night. We reveiced a traditional welcome with coffee, a light red Tsipourou with a special fruit taste, loukoumi and fresh water, together with two pilgrims from Rumenia. DSCN6825DSCN6826But after checking in we had no time to waste, because I wanted to pay a visit to the nearby kelli Maroudá.DSCN6829Leaving the guesthouse in skiti Andreou.DSCN6830Not far outside the skete, on the main road to Dafni, you can find these signs. Unfortunately there was no sign pointing in the direction of Maroudá, so we continued to walk the road uphill.Andreou - Marouda - long route2Later we found out that we had missed a path on our right hand (at O1), as you can see on the trail below:Andreou - Marouda - short routeWe took the the short route on our way back.

The long route was 2.51 km and took us 37 minutes. The short route on our way back was only 1.61 km long and took us 22 minutes.DSCN6831First you will see this magnificant panoramic view of Karyes.DSCN6832On our way to Maroudá we had to ask a monk of Agios Nikodimos to help us find our way. This cell is at spot O2 on the picture above – the Long Route (NB. on the Road map this cell nr 27 is called  Aghia Triada.DSCN6833Opposite of Agios Nikodimos: another large cell (on the Road map nr 26: the cell of Panaghia).Karyes surroundings - kopieDetail of the Road map 2007: I added nr 83 my self, because it is not on the map, the cell of Maroudá (Ioannis Theologos).DSCN6834Here the main road continues with a turm to the left (towards Xiropotamou and Dafni). The road that goes to the right leads to Maroudá (and all the way to Vatopedi) – see just below the letter ‘Y’ of the word Karyes on the map above.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESNot far the sharp turn in the road there was a path leading to a well.DSCN6835DSCN6836And then – finally – a first sign with Maroudá shows up: only 1 km to go.DSCN6930The iron gates that lead to the cell: at first the place does not look very interesting, when you enter the cell form this side.DSCN6841But on entering the premises, you’ll find yourself in a small paradise. Beauty is everywhere! And not long after this moment another surprize was waiting for me (although I knew that my Athos friend from Holland, Jan Paul ten Bruggencate, stayed at Maroudá, who I never had met before and only talked to on telephone…..).

Next time more about this meeting and the big surprize!

Wim Voogd, 27-12

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