1748 – the cave of St. Cosmas

What can I add to the two briljant stories with fine pictures of Bas Kamps in post 1024 and 1025? As mentioned in my last post from yesterday it is sad to see how the surroundings of the cave are destroyed and some people on the Holy Mountain disregard nature.

But anyway, still it is worth while to take a closer look at the cave.DSCN2542 (Large)Only the last part of monopati remains, before the climb to the cave startsDSCN2543 (Large)The iron railing makes the climb a bit easier and more saveDSCN2554 (Large)Looking up: the cave lies hidden between the rocksDSCN2544 (Large)The hut of St. Cosmas: peeking behind a door.DSCN2549 (Large)The other side of this room: a cupboard with two nichesDSCN2551 (Large)A burning flame lights the icons in the cupboardDSCN2550 (Large)In the niche: coins and handwritten notes for the SaintDSCN2546 (Large) The caveDSCN2548 (Large) (Large)The view towards SografouDSCN2552 (Large)Time to sit down and contemplate, enjoying the panoramaDSCN2553 (Large)And after that: the descent on the steep steps DSCN2555 (Large)The sign showing the monopati to Sografou: left from the cross the old monopati is stil in situ.DSCN2556 (Large)On the road to Sografou: signs leading st Cosmas cave

Tomorrow a new adventure starts: my 10th visit to the Holy Mountain is about to begin, together with two good friends. I am really looking forward to see new places and meet many good and Holy men, who inhabit one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Skiti Andreou, Simonopetras (thanks Giannis!), Nea skiti, the top of mount Athos are scheduled, and after a visit to Lakkou skiti we will walk towards Vatopedi. For these last days I did not make any reservations, but I know that on the Holy Mountain things useally never go as planned. Monks tell me that the Panaghia always leads your way, so I am curious where we will end up this year (and I think we will have to bring some good protection against rain this year, because of the wheather forecasts!).

We will be on the Holy Mountain from Sunday 20th (election day!) till Tuesday 29th of September (10 days), at least, that is our plan. I hope to share my experiences as soon as possible: maybe I can give an update from Athos, we will see. Brother Herman will visit Athos one week later this year.

Wim Voogd, 18/9

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  1. Wish you a beautiful and safe pilgrimage. My prayers are with you.

  2. Dimitri says:

    Wim, do you or your followers know how to contact tailor shop in karyes? It was near post office in karyes. Thank you and Panaghia help you on pilgrimage.

  3. gerard koolschijn says:

    I can’t wait to read your reports, mr Wim Voogd

  4. Heel veel succes en zoals we vroeger zeiden: veel devotie toegewenst !

  5. Dimitri says:

    Thank you so much for looking. I appreciate your efforts. Have a wonderful pilgrimage.

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