1746 – hike: Arsanas Sografou to Docheiariou

arsanas Sografou - Docheiariouarsanas sografou - docheiariou

On September 26th 2013 we walked this hike of 3,14 km’s in 56 minutes. If you do this hike without stopping (to have a closer look at places of interest and to shoot pictures), you can do this distance in half an hour. The route is  along the coast is easy with a maximum altitude of 37 meters.

DSCN2745 (Large)First you will pass arsanas Konstamonitou

DSCN2746 (Large)This is what lies ahead: the beautiful Mount Athos coastlineDSCN2747 (Large)Old olive trees near a kalivaDSCN2748 (Large)Unfortunately nobody was homeDSCN2749 (Large)Looking back towards arsanas SografouDSCN2750 (Large)These big machines destroy the monopati’s: this one was out of order and left in the fieldsDSCN2751 (Large)The path continues next to the pebble beachDSCN2752 (Large)At 4/5 meters high we saw a small caveDSCN2754 (Large)I could’t resist to have a closer look: the cave was deserted and I found some small itemsDSCN2756 (Large)and three tiny iconsDSCN2757 (Large)View from the cave to the sea: maybe once a hermit lived here?DSCN2758 (Large)The rock where the cave isDSCN2759 (Large)Even on these small roads cars pass byDSCN2760 (Large)Remnants of the past:  an electricity pole (or telephone?) lies on the rocky groundsDSCN2762 (Large) (Large)Just before arriving at Docheiariou: a wild boar farm! Why would the monks breed these boars? To export the meat? Definitely not for their own purpose!DSCN2764 (Large) (2)DSCN2763 (Large)DSCN2765 (Large)The last part of the hike: arriving at Docheiariou (with the ugly red crane)

Wim Voogd, 10/9

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  1. gerard koolschijn says:

    Interesting item, mr W. Voogd, with the deserted cave and the – despite the occasional bulldozer and car – beautiful coastline. An enviable walk. Deserted bulldozers are a common feature in the Greek (especially island-) landscape: Subsidy used, machine forgotten.

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