1739 – Doug Patterson: Athos art in a Saloniki hotel

Already in November 2007 we showed you the products of this artist (see 253 and 260).DSCN6132 (Large)While staying in Thessaloniki in the Orestias Kastorias Hotel this summer I found a couple of his paintings on the wall. The owner explained me that Doug was a ‘friend of the hotel’ and he gave a few of his art works as a gift. Here they are:DSCN6133 (Large)Xeropotamou – October 2009DSCN6125 (Large)Karyes – October 2011DSCN6126 (Large)XenofontosDSCN6127 (Large)Docheiariou

Alonnisos 011Detail: the Kiosk.
DSCN6128 (Large)Pantocratoros

Near the ‘lobby’ of the hotel I found this Chalkidiki mapDSCN6130 (Large)DSCN6131 (Large)Wim, 10/8

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