1738 – book: Athonite moments 1993

This photo book is published in 1993 by the Filiotheou monastery in English and German and it containes some extraordinary pictures. I found the book in the lobby of the Skites Bungalows near Ouranopolis. The (excellent) Skites cook Giannis frequently visits the Holy Mountain and he studies religious science at the university. DSCN6223 DSCN6227Monk with a dead small whale (!) near arsanas Karakalou DSCN6225Meeting in Karyes DSCN6228The ossuary DSCN6232View from the top DSCN6233DSCN6235DSCN6236DSCN6234Fishing in the eveningDSCN6237Cleaning of a wine barrel DSCN6238 DSCN6241Funeral in the winter DSCN6239DSCN6230Wim, 9/8

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2 Responses to 1738 – book: Athonite moments 1993

  1. gerard koolschijn says:

    Extraordinary photos. Beautiful. Thanks.

  2. Fr George Frangos says:

    The gentleman in the third photo with glasses is Polixronis the protector of the Skete of St. Andrew in Karyes (Sarai) up until 1993 or 1994 when the first monks began the restoration.

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