1729 – important spots in Ouranopoli

Ouranopolis (Large)kopieToday I’ll show the plan of Ouranopoli with the most important places you can/will visit:

1. the pilgrims office: where to pick up your DiamoniterionIMG_3080 Pilgrims Bureau klein2. the ticket office for your boat ticket  to Dafni – call 011-30-23770-21041 (and bar Isalos, the best place for breakfast – or to order a beer from Maria or Anna)76 Athos 2007 Ouranopolis (Large)IMG_2452 (Large)3. the pier where the boat to Athos leaves at 9.45 h. (next to the Sidney Loch tower)IMG_2454 (Large)4. the bus station – main square (timetable Ktel Chalkidiki)IMG_2461 (Large)5. the pharmacy in Ouranopoli shopping street
IMG_2456 (Large)                                    IMG_2455 (Large)

6. our hotel Akrogiali – friendly staff, beautiful view and cheap (they also rent boats!)IMG_2460 (Large)7. the local churh – do have look inside, beautiful frescoes on the walls!

IMG_2459 (Large)8. the bakery – for breakfast or breadIMG_2458 (Large)9. the cash dispencer – most times it works (at least, until today [!]) If not, you have to go all the way to Ierissos, 10 km from here (or bring cash!)

IMG_2457 (Large)Wim Voogd, 26/6/15

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4 Responses to 1729 – important spots in Ouranopoli

  1. Dimitri says:

    Yes, can you help me with information? Would you know how best to contact the tailor shop in Karyes? Thank you for any assistance you might provide.

    • athosweblog says:

      In post 1241 Athos phone book you will find a list of the shops: i did not see a tailor shop!
      Bookstore Cyril 23-648
      Books ‘Full Moon’ Ierotheos monk. 23-285
      Bookstore Pantanassa Katsiklis 23-283
      Daniel Monk 23-236
      Maximus 23-702
      Neophytos 24-166
      Stephen Monk 23-227
      Efstratios 24-074
      Bakery 23-258
      Restaurant Nick. 24-114
      – / / – Hilarion 23-243

      • Dimitri says:

        Thank you so much for offering assistance and so many contact numbers. My memory is not so good but I thought tailor shop was near postal office in Karyes. I am probably wrong. When I was there, I stopped in and looked around and just remember sewing machine and big rolls of beautiful, colorful material. Thank you. Wish you good pilgrimage!

  2. Alasdair says:

    Perhaps add a number for the other boat ticket office? As you likely know, it’s on the main street, just around the corner from the Pilgrim’s Office. In the old petrol station that’s also a stop for the bus from Thessaloniki is the Microathos ticket office for the boats to the west coast monasteries south of Dafni (the Agia Anna and the Mikra Agia Anna); the boat ticket office you show at number 2 is for the main ferries to Dafni, including the main 9:45 ferry that most – but not necessarily all – pilgrims take.

    As I discovered in my own visit last September, most of the literature about visiting Athos doesn’t make it clear that there are two separate boat companies – and that pilgrims visiting the monasteries between Gregoriou and Kafsokalyvia might want to use the Microathos boats.

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