1721 – the hike from Provata to Timiou Stavrou

Today I will show you the last part of our hike of our 2014 trip in September. We started walking at the Moldavian kelli of Provata (A).

provata google 3kopieA = Provata, B = Agios Georgios, C = Agios Artemios D = Timiou Stavrou E = Panaghia

provata and st georgeProvata (below-A) and Agios Georgios (above-B)

DSCN5218 (Large)B – Agios Georgios


DSCN5220 (Large)You exit Agios Georgios by walking under the vines

DSCN5221 (Large)The gates, leaving Agios Georgios

DSCN5226 (Large)The gates leading to Artemios (C)

DSCN5227 (Large)Artemios with modern solar energy on the roof. Karakalou in the background.

DSCN5228 (Large)Artemios

DSCN5229 (Large)Timiou Stavrou (D)

DSCN5230 (Large)Two cells, a small (E) and large one, both called Panaghia (according to the Road Edition map).

DSCN5231 (Large)And yet another kelli in the neighbourhood of Timiou Stavrou (name unknown).

provata google 2The Provata area, with Timiou Stavrou and Artemios in the foreground.

Wim, 15/5

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1 Response to 1721 – the hike from Provata to Timiou Stavrou

  1. Jemo says:

    A – Moldavian cell Joanis Theologos,
    B – Saint Andreas,
    C – The Three Hierarchs,
    D – Timios Stavros and
    E – Saint Archangelos.

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