1712 – Athos trails on Wikiloc

wikiloc athos

A very important part of a pilgrimage on the Holy Mountain is hiking from one monastery to another, because walking in the unspoiled landscape of the Garden of the Holy Panaghia gives you time to refect life. But a disburting thing is that the paper maps not always show you the monopati and most of the time the maps are outdated.  Nowadays modern technology helps us finding the right paths and tracks: that’s why I’ll show this site Wikiloc, where Athos-pilgrims shared there hikes, which you can download on your smartphone, after the installing the App. Downloading trails and use them will cost € 5 for one year.

Wim, 15/4


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  1. Thank you very much. This is very helpful. You all have a great blog and I appreciate your work. I hope to see you on the Holy Mountain this September.

    Peace be with you,

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