1703 – The first bus on Athos was a Mercedes

The road from the harbour of Dafni to the village of Karyes was build in 1963 when the millenium (963-1963) celebrations took place. Before that there was a path (monopati) and mules took the pilgrims to Karyes where they got final permission to stay on the Holy Mountain. So when Herman Hissink and his students visited Athos in the early 70ties there was a bus to bring them to Karyes.
bus 3
The Mercedes bus in Dafni waiting to go to Karyes.
bus 2The bus at the arsanas of Iviron with the monastery in the background. The road from Karyes to Iviron was constructed in 1967.
bus 1The pier of Iviron where a monk is pulling a rope to moor a ship.

Herman Voogd (photos by Herman Hissink, thanks to Gerard Koolschijn en Wim Oudshoorn)

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