1696 – the hike from Lakkou skiti to Provata through Cucuvinu valley

We will never forget the friendly and helpfull Father Gabriel of hut nr 6 of Lakkou skiti where spend the night (see 1669). Before we left the skiti he gave us detailed information how to find our way to Provata over one the most beautiful monopati’s of Mount Athos.

DSCN5101 (Large)In Lakkou you can only find one sign (to Genesion tis Skit Theotokou?), so you have to take care to find right turn. On the Google map below you can see the path we walked.Lakkou - Cuccuvina - Provata

DSCN5161 (Large)Soon after leaving the last building of the skete we found the turn to the left: at first the path starts as a dirt road. To my disappointment they are working with a shovel on the road leading into the Cucuvinu valley (photo 1).

Here is path with some more information about the hike.Lakkou - Cuccuvina - Provata info  Lakkou - Cuccuvina - Provata 2kopieDSCN5162 (Large)Soon after these rocks the monopati begins

Now we really entered the Cucuvinu valley: we heard the name of this place from Father Alexi, who lives in the house on the opposite site of the valley:DSCN5163 (Large)The kelli of Father Alexi: later that morning he told us that the valley was called after a cuckoo, because it was “only accesible to a cuckoo”. He also explained the reason to build the house in this pristine part of Athos: the path was so narrow that only one person could pass, so it gave a good protection against pirat-invaders.DSCN5164 (Large)The view towards the sea/Morfonou: here Athos’ nature is really overwhelming!

DSCN5165 (Large)Here the horizontal path ends: a red sign is showing the monopati going steeply down (spot nr 2).

DSCN5166 (Large)An electrical wire is attached to the trees to make the descent possible. Don’t misunderstand the picture, it is really steep and you need the line to prevent falling down!

DSCN5167 (Large)After the descent the path is barely passable.DSCN5168 (Large)At the bottom of the valley flows a quiet stream: seldom I have been on such a desolate place, where hardly any people have been (spot nr 3).DSCN5169 (Large)Lush waters flow downstream………DSCN5171 (Large)After a short ascent uphill we reached a stone wall with a source (spot nr 3).DSCN5174 (Large)This well was build in 1889. In this document you read more about Cucuvinu: the ruins of an older convent called Cucuvinu were bought by Rumenian monks in 1869 (page 193). Prodromu and Lacu hermitages and also Cucuvinu convent were severely damaged following the earthquake during the night of 26–27 October 1905.DSCN5172 (Large)The source is still in use and the next picture shows that a settlement was nearby, because we saw a peach tree with fruit.DSCN5173 (Large)Green peaches near the soucre.DSCN5177 (Large)A gate showed up (at nr 4) and soon vines appeared.DSCN5178 (Large)DSCN5179 (Large)The kelli of Father Alexi with vines in front of it.SAM_0963Father Alexi, 85 years old, asked us to sit down and he made us a cup of coffee.  Because we were sweating and our shirts were wet, he kindly brought us some of his coats.DSCN5182 (Large)The winter coat from Father Alexi (in 22C!). A minor thing was that the coats did not have seen a washer since – lets say – the last 40 years, so a certain smell was quite strong presence!

But that didn’t change the mood. Father Alexi, although he did not speak English, wanted to know everything about us. To our surprize we found out that he was born in Moldavia and that Provata is in use by Moldavian monks, learning a new lesson for me: yet another nationality inhabites the Holy Mountain, besides the Greek, Serbs, Rumenians, Russians, Ukrainians and Bulgarians!

Wim Voogd, 15/3

(next time a tour in his house)

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6 Responses to 1696 – the hike from Lakkou skiti to Provata through Cucuvinu valley

  1. gerard koolschijn says:

    Fascinating images and trip! Wonderful place, father A’s skiti. What a pity the monopati is being ruined.

  2. Sean Surlow says:

    I am looking to seeing the interior of the place… 😉

  3. Sotiris says:

    Have you heard anything about the old path tou Lakkou from Morfonou ? Is it now replaced completely by road ?

    • athosweblog says:

      No, we did not hear anything about this path. We only saw pilgrims arriving by car, but if the path is still in use or in what condition it is, I do not know. Maybe on the site of FoMA?

  4. Gabriel says:

    Some things for a good information ,
    – the path from Morfonu to Lacu Skete is ok ; have only to ask the taxi driver where to stop , somewhere above Morphonu ; ( arround 1,5-2 hours ) ; the road is on the other part of valley ;
    -some website of Lacu Skete in romanian , but usefull
    – the Moldavians monks speak also romanian ; before the second WWR Moldavia Republic was part of Great ROMANIA , but Stalin decided to in another way .
    – here find a nice doc about the CUCUVINO Cell from AGION OROS

  5. Bertinos says:

    Indeed @Gabriel: just like Luxemburg, the old principality of Moldavia has been cut in two (Luxemburg even in three: the Diedenhofen region is now French Thionville). The former Soviet Republic of Moldova (more or less the historical region of Bessarabia) has become independant with Chisinau as its capital, while as the largest part, with Iasi as its capital, is integrated in Romania.

    As for “Genesion and Skit Theotokou” this means “To the Skiti of the Nativity of the Theotokos” 🙂

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