1688 – Bird on the summit (reblog)

For a long time we were convinced that the bird I saw and photographed in 2007 and 2011 on the highest point of Mount Athos was a Blue Rock Thrush but we have a new determination: an Alpine Accentor (Alpen Heggemus). According to G. Koolschijn and wife.  What do you think?

Athos - Agios Oros

blue thrush gouldbirdWhen we reached the top of Mount Athos in 2011 I managed again to take a shot of the only leaving creature who lives permanently on the 2026 meter high summit: The Blue Rock Thrush In 2007 I took this photograph of the bird. Watch the red arrow above.bird detail  Monticola solitarius or Blue Rock Thrush (blauwe rotslijster).


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1 Response to 1688 – Bird on the summit (reblog)

  1. Milos Radakovic says:

    This is Alpine Accentor Prunella collaris

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