1676 – Oranges in a white world

orange 5 nea
Oranges, we eat them a lot but we never seen them growing on trees in Western Europe. The association with oranges is for us summer, not winter or snow. Nevertheless there were plenty of oranges, mandarin and lemons in Nea Skiti on the first day of 2015. The snow was already melting as we were entering this settlement of monks after a long walk coming from Dionysiou.
orange 3 nea                        orange 4  neaApparently there was such an abundance of citrus that the monks did not pick them all up anymore. Or maybe it was to cold for them to go outside. We picked the fruit from the trees and ate them. They were cold and sweet but with many seeds.
orange 4a neaNea Skite is a kind of lovely village with a lot of houses with fruit and vegetables gardens.
orange 3 a nea              orange 1
In every monastery we saw gardens with the citrus fruits. This is in Gregoriou after the snowfall.
orang 2 paulouBefore we arrived at Nea Skiti we visited Paulou monastery where we asked for something to eat. The friendly archondariki brought us olives, bread, tarama, halva, apples and…. two oranges.

Herman Voogd

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  1. Sean Patrick says:

    I just stumbled across this again, since it first was posted. Very nice photographs and on my bucket list. 😉

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