1667 – animals in the summer

September 7th 2014 we arrived at Lakkou skiti. The day before a heavy thunderstorm hit Athos, which gave a lot of rain.

A few hundred meters further we saw this crab on the road!DSCN5094 (Large)It is a freshwater crab, usually found in or near wooded streams, Potamon fluviatile, harvested for food since classical antiquity. It lives in many countries with a Meditteranean coastline.

DSCN5092         DSCN5093Not far from that spot I found this animal:

SAM_0953A blind-worm, totally harmless, and no snake, but still creapy for a city person like me!

Wim, 27/1

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1 Response to 1667 – animals in the summer

  1. alex says:

    Isn’t it a slow worm ( Anguis fragilis )?

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