1663 – The peaceful beginning of the last day of the year

The snow had come as predicted. It was quite a pack. Icicles were formed during the night. It was not very cold. Around freezing probably. The visibility was quite limited. The mountainous backdrop was invisible. It was still snowing lightly and sudden winds blew fresh fallen snow into the air again creating a snow mist. It was very quiet. The cool tapestry muted sounds.
1tttI took a look at the balcony looking towards the sea. The greenish sea disappeared in the icy grey sky. Sky and sea merged leaving no clear horizon. The whirling winds had blown snow even on the balconies leeward of the wind. All was still untouched by human hands or feed.
3tttThe courtyard was empty but suddenly a monk appeared. He made no sounds but his footsteps creaked softly in the fresh snow. His dark figure contrasted with the white surrounding. I saw whirling snowflakes under the right roof.
4tttThe reddish iron cross dominated the white world. The chimney did not release any smoke. Not even white smoke. The sky and the snow almost united. It felt very peaceful at that time. Later however that changed (explanation will follow in the next blog).5ttt
The guest quarters on the first floor have an open corridor from which the central church and the courtyard can be seen. No snow on the cross, like the picture before, but iced domes as a dessert bowl turned upside down. Or powdered sugar.
6tttA monk started to ring the big bell. The stairs to the guest houses were completely covered with snow. They looked more like a slide. On the roof the wind left a strange pattern in the snow.
7tttI found some colour in the open air baptismal font. Then I was called in for breakfast so that ended my morning photography session.

Bas Kamps

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  1. gerard koolschijn says:

    Even a cliffhanger now!

  2. nikarebel says:

    Soon we will be singing the hymns for Saint Paisios the new, what a wonderful new year lies ahead!

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