1656 – more recent pictures from Athos in the winter – 2

This is how hiking on Athos in the winter looks like: step by step!

hiking monopatis in the winter 3

hiking monopatis in the winterhiking monopatis in the winter 2
It looks like a misstep could be fatal but when walking very cautious and slow it isn’t more dangerous then walking without the snow.

hiking near Pavlou

The monopati near Agiou Pavlou: look at the tower  that is being renovated!

Photos by Laurens Kamps and Martijn Kamps.

Wim, 2/1

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6 Responses to 1656 – more recent pictures from Athos in the winter – 2

  1. Vasílis says:

    Thank you for the nice pictures, Herman (and Wim) Χρόνια πολλά 2015. I hope to see more of this journey.

  2. Josef Staud says:

    Thank You for the phantastic winter-impressions from the Agion oros.
    I feel to be in my home, in the Alps of Austria.
    Good luck for 2015.

  3. Ruth Karabina says:

    I love the beauty God has created for us!Perfect in every season.

  4. don Eduard Moltzer says:

    Manu thanks for your amizing Athos-impressios I’m getting home sick for the Holy Mountain. Thank you for the whole weblog!

  5. don Eduard Moltzer says:

    Your pilgrimage stays amazing and many thanks for your storyband photos I’m staying homesick for the Holy Mountain

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