1655 – recent pictures from Athos

Today my brother Herman (& son and friend Bas & sons) ended his Athos winter journey and he just sent me these pictures:

gregoriou rain           gregoriou snow 2

Grigoriou when the snow started and the next day 30/12/2104

Sim P martijnSimonospetras 30/12/2014 (photo Martijn Kamps)

Pavlou martijnAgiou Pavlou 1-1-2015 with a new construction on the beach (photo Martijn Kamps)

pavlou 1-1-2015Pavlou  with icicles

neas skiti 2-1-2015This morning 2-1-2015: the pier of Dafni at 12 o’ clock because the Axion Esti ferry is in sight.
Athos the top 2015Near Kafsokalivia: the top of Mount Athos covered in snow

Wim, 2/1

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  1. Sean Surlow says:

    Very Beautiful Photograph of St. Paul’s and nice Blog.
    Thanks for posting…
    Sean in California

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