1654 – todays pictures from Athos and best wishes for 2015 plus 2014 in review

dionysiou courtyard in the snowCourtyard Gregoriou 31-12-2014

Dear readers,

We just got some pictures from my brother Herman from Athos today.

bas met rugzakPilgrim Bas: up to his knees in the snow!

dionysiou in the snowGrigoriou in the snow

dionysiou HermanWebmaster Herman in Dionysiou at the last day of 2014 (15.00 Greek time)

He just told me that they had a snowball fight with the Dionisiou monks a couple a of minutes ago!

By the way: according to the WordPress  stats helper this blog was viewed by 23.563 visitors about 134,000 times in 2014.

We thank you for showing interest in our blog and we wish you a happy and healthy 2015.

Click here to see the complete report.

Wim and Herman Voogd

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4 Responses to 1654 – todays pictures from Athos and best wishes for 2015 plus 2014 in review

  1. gerard koolschijn says:

    Spectacular and beautiful images, especially the Dionysiou courtyard! Snowball fight with Athos-monks, extraordinary!
    Thanks for all those beautiful blogs. And, brothers Voogd and your Athos-friends, best wishes for a happy 2015!

  2. alex says:

    photo 1 – Gregoriou monastery.

  3. yvesmilonas says:

    Very nice pictures, once I like to visit the Holy Mountain in wintertime also.

    Best wishes for 2015.

  4. Hans Leitner says:

    Many thanks to you brothers for wonderful pictures and surprising reports. I wish you a good, healthy and blessed new year and am looking forward to going on reading your catching page.

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